Forthcoming (University of Georgia Press) "Minding Dogs: Co-Evolving Cognition in Human-Canine Dyads" 

In production: "Domesticated Disability and Affective Co-Attunement in Human-Canine Pairs" 

Book, in production: "Mind on the Move: Exploring the Intersections of Dance, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science" (edited volume, please email me for details)


Biology and Philosophy: "Dismantling Standard Cognitive Science: It's Time the Dogs has Its Day", 2015


Forthcoming in M. Cappuccio, ed.  The MIT Press Handbook of Sports Pyschology: "Stereotype Threat and the Female Athlete: Swimming, Surfing, and Sport Martial Arts," with Audrey Yap (U. Victoria) , Cassie Comley  (U. Oregon), and Caren Diehl (U.A.E. University) 


Book Review for K. Andrews, "The Animal Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Animal Cognition", Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. 2015


Any Body Not My Own: Collective Emotions and the Constitution of Eating Disorders, in production 


Depressed Dogs and Heartbroken Humans, in production. 


Making (Non)Sense of Gender  (In T. Froese & M. Cappuccio, eds:  "Making Sense of NonSense", Palgrave-MacMillan), 2014


Thinking is Movement: Dance, Agency, and a Radically Enacted Mind (Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, November 2014) 


Instituting Impairment (Cognitive Systems Research, August, 2013)


Editorial Introduction: Socially Extended Cognition (Special Edition, Cognitive Systems Research, August, 2013) 


The Cure for the Cure: Networked Cognition (Philosophical Psychology, 2011) 















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