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Forthcoming, with Ryan Gustafsson (University of Melbourne): “Adopting Silence: On Adoptee Disenfranchisement and Epistemic Injustice”, in L. Cassidy & M. Lotz. eds. "Adoption: Philosophical Perspectives and Reflections", Lexington Books.


2022: “My Adoption, My Abortion: Getting Clear on What Counts as a Reproductive Choice”, Adoption and Culture, Special Issue on the Dobbs Decision, (online: November 2022; print early 2023) 

2022:  “We Should be Fighting for a World Without Adoption”, The Nation, October/November Issue, url:

2022: "Rediscovering Latent Trauma: An Adopted Adult's Perspective". Child Abuse and Neglect Special Issue on Adoption and Trauma, 130(2). 

2021 (online), print June 2022: "Rediscovering Latent Trauma: An Adopted Adult's Perspective", Child Abuse and Neglect  Preprint version available HERE.


2021:  "Adoptees Online: Collective Grief, Shared Recognition, and a New Wave of Adoption Reform," Adoption and Culture.  (Email for article) 

2021:  (University of Georgia Press) "Minding Dogs: Humans, Canine Companions, and a New Philosophy of Cognitive Science" (pre-order here: .

2021: "Dances with Dogs: Interspecies Play and a Case for Sympoietic Enactivism", Animal Cognition, 24: 353-69.

 "Stereotype Threat and the Female Athlete: Swimming, Surfing, and Sport Martial Arts," with Audrey Yap (U. Victoria) , Cassie Comley  (U. Oregon), and Caren Diehl (U.A.E. University)  In M. Cappuccio, ed.  The MIT Press Handbook of Embodied Cognition and  Sports Psychology, 2019. ( Read a pre-print version here


Biology and Philosophy: "Dismantling Standard Cognitive Science: It's Time the Dog has Its Day", 2015.

Book Review for K. Andrews, "The Animal Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Animal Cognition", Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. 2015.


Making (Non)Sense of Gender  (In T. Froese & M. Cappuccio, eds:  "Making Sense of NonSense", Palgrave-MacMillan), 2014


Thinking is Movement: Dance, Agency, and a Radically Enacted Mind (Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, November 2014) 


Instituting Impairment (Cognitive Systems Research, August, 2013)


Editorial Introduction: Socially Extended Cognition (Special Edition, Cognitive Systems Research, August, 2013) 


The Cure for the Cure: Networked Cognition (Philosophical Psychology, 2011) 














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